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Indoor Air Quality

Scientific studies have shown that the quality of air indoors, where we typically spend 90% of our time, is commonly worse than outdoor air. Although biological pollutants, like mold, seem to dominate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems, carbon monoxide,

chemicals off-gassing from building products, and inadequate fresh outdoor air ventilation are also sources of problems. 

Our agency has a nationally recognized Indoor Air Quality Program that helps citizens, schools and agencies through the process of finding solutions to indoor air problems. 


We provide free presentations on a variety of topics related to Indoor Air Quality. From 20 minutes to full day workshops, our Indoor Air Specialist will entertain your group with customized multi-media presentations loaded with useful information.

New video - Fresh Air for a Healhty Home: A consumer's guide to ventilation systems




Houses need to breathe -- in a deliberate and controlled fashion. Fresh air delivered throughout a home is essential to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Learn the essentials of ventilation in this six-segment video:

1. Why ventilate?
2. Exhaust only systems
3. Integrated systems
4. HRV/ERV systems
5. Installation & inspection
6. Upgrading existing homes





Mold Guidance for Tenants and Landlords - not for hot, humid regions





Controlling & Reducing Asthma Triggers



Mold in Your Home



School walk-through: Identifying and Solving Common Indoor Air Quality Problems:


To order a DVD or get additional information about indoor air quality, please contact our office at 360-428-1617.


EPA indoor air quality webinars: